The Dynamics of Victimization

The other night I received a call from a massage therapist I hadn’t heard from in some time. We had talked in the past about some of the issues around illicit massage and raised a few questions in respect to how the state was going about licensing people from out of state (including out of the country) and how that process seemed somewhat odd. Those previous conversations were obviously prophetic, as it turned out the D.O.H. and the massage board had unwittingly opened the door for a big license fraud scam which is still being cleaned up.

Nonetheless, I was pretty shocked when she asked me if I thought the victims in the recent rape case were running a scam in an effort to screw over the suspect. In fact, I took her question as more of a proposed theory than a question and actually laughed out loud at the notion of such a conspiracy.

After some discussion, I came away almost sick to my stomach as it was obvious to me that she held some strong feelings which I can only describe as racist in nature. This attitude was, in my opinion, as a result of her work in another area of healthcare where minorities seemed, in her opinion, to be getting all of the jobs.

I told her that I couldn’t speak to that issue, as it wasn’t in my area of expertise, but I was very clear on what was going on in this case. Simply put, it appears to me that a sexual predator, who was a person in a position of power, seemed to be targeting disenfranchised Asian women who were working, either legally or illegally, in the massage industry. Recently I saw this article and though that it might be wise to share it here for anyone who wants to better understand the dynamics of sexual victimization.

Butch Watson, L.M.P. / R.P.D. (ret.)

Lavon “Butch” Watson is a retired police detective who has been a successful licensed massage practitioner since 1997. Since 2008 he has combined his diverse skill set to become an acknowledged expert on illicit massage and personal safety for massage practitioners. Mr. Watson not only provides personal safety training for massage practitioners, but also offers the most unique ethics training workshops offered anywhere in the United States, speaking to every aspect of illicit massage and its affects on the legitimate massage community as well as the often silent victims of human trafficking.